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    One-story cottages

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    Two-story cottages

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    Premium Guesthouse

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    Mini cottage

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  • Bathhouse (Russian Sauna)

    The steam room features a Russian style wood fired furnace, a shower, and a flip-bucket filled with cold water. Take advantage of the terrace; perfect for sunbathing and relaxing in an outdoor oak tub. Relax in the recreation room after the steam room with a pint of beer or cup of tea. Up to 8 people.
  • Large canopy event tent (yes it rhymes)

    Area 290 sq. meters. Perfect for any kind of events, such as weddings, banquets, receptions, conferences, or large presentations. Upon request, the tent area can be expanded up to 550 sq. meters. Features a separate kitchen right next to the tent. The space cab be transformed to meet your specific needs.
  • Playground

    Yes, we thought of that too!
  • Forest veranda

    A private site surrounded by woods offers the opportunity to hold a small event such as training or seminars. Secluded within the complex, it is ideal for a quiet private party or event.
  • Outdoor reception stage near the coast

    For special formal events a large outdoor reception stage with views of the reservoir is available, which will accommodate a sufficient number of guests.
  • Access to the reservoir

    Direct access to the reservoir with our own beach. Enjoy a boat or a catamaran ride (to be requested in advance).
  • Vehicles Rentals

    Available upon request. Have a fun time on ATVs, hydrocycles, or five and ten-seater boats. Boats are equipped with soft seats, tables, musical equipment.