Weddings at Berta Village

Berta Village is an excellent place for a corporate event and much more We feature comfortable cottages and guest houses. Multiple areas are available with magnificent views of Istra Reservoir. The shore is an ideal location for a wedding ceremony.

Special offer

Entire complex (two days, one night).

Capacity: up to 450 people.

Canopy event tent: 290 sq. meters with a possibility of increasing the area.

Cafe 140 m2.

Accommodation across six comfortable cottages (maximum capacity: 50 people).

Coastal area for the wedding ceremony.

Banya (Russian sauna)

Wooded area


While the preliminary preparations are in progress the summer veranda and the cafГ© will accommodate guests and provide snacks and ensure entertainment including live music. The beautiful views will further contribute to the wedding atmosphere.

Most importantly...

The wedding ceremony on the coast of the magnificent Istra Reservoir will make this stunning and magical day a memorable beginning of your family happiness.

Wedding Banquet

One of the most important at the wedding is a festive Banquet. A large canopy tent allows you to accommodate all your guests and organize the performance of musical groups that make the wedding celebration interesting and memorable.


For those who enjoy entertainment, Berta Village provides access to an additional area for barbecues and a variety of other activities. Take advantage of the sports field, quad bikes and Russian sauna, or go for a stroll around the wooded area.

About our guests

As the day comes to an end, guests can retreat to comfortable cottages equipped with everything that they would need for an enjoyable stay.

Contact us regarding your wedding, guest accommodation, and catering. We look forward to hearing from you:
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Winter wedding

Winter weddings in Berta Village are truly unforgettable events. Snow gently falls from the trees as a winter breezes blow through the wooded canopy. In the rays of the sun snowflakes shine like precious gems. That is why a wedding in the winter in our country complex is incredibly beautiful. Guests stay warm in cozy cottages. They warm up by the fireplace, relax, and have a drink of hot tea or coffee while you are at the wedding photo shoot. After the banquet enjoy the your round jacuzzi on the open verandas of cottages with a glass of champagne. Relax in a banya (Russian sauna) with an outdoor oak tub. The banquet can be held in a cafe with panoramic windows that offer views of the grounds.